Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bersahur at Santubong Summit - 28/29 August 09

This Ramadhan month, I'll not stop from doing what i like the most, Hiking..this fasting month were climb mount Santubong at night after Solat Tarawih. It gonna be fun. We start our climb at 11.30pm and almost midnite.

We reach waterfall junction at 12.20am and take a break about 10 minutes.
We reach at the summit at 3.00am and have our Sahur before bed time.

The funny things happen at the morning, all team member woke up at 10 am. It's late but we having fun actually. There's a monkey drop by our Hammock and one of our team give the monkey a Kurma, then it's gone. We start to decent at 12 noon. So hot but we make it slow and steady.

We reach at the bottom of the mountain at 4pm coz we stop at the waterfall juntion about 2 hours. We fall asleep...huhuhu... So guy's, wanna joined climbing in Ramadhan?? It's good for your health and to test your Iman. Call me if you interested to join the crazy club. Heheheh...
Happy fasting you'll...
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