Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Berbuka At Garden Steamboat Restaurant

September 1st 2009-we break fasting at Garden steamboat rest. at Nanas road. We gathered from old team member to newbies. It's so much fun when having a break fasting together among friends.
At the same time and date we also celebrate one of our team member 33rd birthday Sudriman (bujang). Acc it's a surprise but he know so he pretend to be surprice and we have so much fun. So people...happy fasting and Happy Birthday Abg.Bujang...hahaha...dah tua...bebini gik oi...
- scotty1780


  1. hai.....em..halal kah di garden seafood ya....??

  2. hahaha...kamek pun sik tauk...tapi sikda rasa was-was lah...ok jak