Thursday, December 10, 2009

Karnival Sukan Lasak Kebangsaan 2009

December 5th 2009
This time there are 4 KaLK team member were represent Sarawak in Nasional X-Games.
There are Hailah, Sudriman, Sunarthi and Noh. They'll represent in wall climbing dicipline. Also participant is other X-games athelete was Skateboard, Inline Skate and BMX. The team only 11 athelete with 5 officer. As I am taking part in Expert Speed Women Category. Check this out...
Athelete before departing at LTAK
Me & Hailah waiting for our turn to climb.

Me in action

Wall climbing athelete
Sudriman, Sunarthi, Hailah & Noh
Sarawak Team


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