Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camping At Grigat Beach, Saratok Division

October 16-18 2009
We went to camping this time at Saratok division where our e.o (azlina) working. She been transfer early of this year. We went by midnite "Konvoi" using Sailee n Hamsiah ride. We departure from kuching at 9pm and arrive at azlina house about 3am. So tired but we enjoy the ride.
On next morning, we went to Pasar Basah Saratok where we gonna buy groceries for our BBQ that evening. We buy some beef, chix wings, corn and sausages.
Before we move to the beach, we went to a fisherman village name Kpg Kabong. Popular village with anykind of seafood product. we take a picture at the jetty and view a panoramic river.
This is our camp. We choose Hammock as our sleeping item. Never used tent coz its to hot. Hemmock is the best choice and we found a tree that we can hang our hemmock. So cool...
Last day camping, we left about12 afternoon coz we have long way to go back to Kuching. Before that we have to clean the place before leaving. So team...this is wonderful trip this month. Hope we can arrange more camping programmed like this next month. Salam rekreasi...salam 73..Bye


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