Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Xpdc KLCC - P.Lakei (14-16 Ogos 09)

This is our expedition from Klcc to Lakei, the distance is about 11km. We start at early morning at 8am after breakfast. Following the bearing code 42 degree. Going trough about 6 mountain not more than 200metres, 5 small rivers and mosquito..hehehe... The Expedition about 2 days 1 nite in the jungle...

At the beginning of our journey...

Pose first guy's... Bukit Gondol

Our camp site, that is my Hammock, double decker with my friend Hailah.
Having our dinner. One of the National Park Trail
Going back to Park HQ by boat.
That's is Lakei Island
It was a very tough expedition but were really enjoy the trip. Hopefully we'll come back again with more longer distance and long hours to enjoy the trip. This is our first trip to Bako National Park and will be the best trip ever. For those who interested to joined us just call me. I'll be ready to bring you together in our next expedition. C ya...
Thanks for viewing


  1. Hi!
    Your journey to Bako sounds awesome!
    I'm thinking of going there next month. Do you know if hammocks are allowed at the campsite in the park HQ?

    Thanks, and many more happy adventures for you! :)

  2. Hi,
    sorry for late respond. Yes, you can bring hammocks together but if u plan to used it at the Park HQ i thing u have to ask permission.


  3. Hi, looks like a fun trip! Planning on going camping there also. Where did the boat pick you up on the return journey? Any streams there along the way with clean water? Worried that we might run out of water while camping there.